These terms and conditions are to ensure the wellbeing of all participants in Hair & Hound training classes, both dog and human!  Please read carefully and tick the box that you understand and agree to adhere to them.

  1. Training your dog, or puppy, takes time, commitment and practice; without this you will not see significant results.  To make the most of your classes Hair & Hound advises that you set yourself time aside every day for training. 

  2. Hair & Hound does not accept responsibility or liability in connection with any loss, personal injury, theft or injury to animals caused during the provision of training classes. We recommend that all dogs are insured, at the very least for 3rd party liability.

  3. All dogs must be fully vaccinated and wormed at regular intervals. Proof of vaccination (and / or titre test) will be required for all new dogs and puppies.

  4. No dog may attend class that has been in contact with any other dog(s) that have been coughing or otherwise unwell in the last 10 days.

  5. Hair & Hound must be informed as soon as possible if your dog has an infectious illness (or fleas) - in which case, it must not be brought to class.

  6. No bitches in season will be allowed to attend class.

  7. If your dog proves unable to cope in a class environment, the outstanding class fees will be converted to an individual training session(s) to cover whatever problems have arisen.

  8. It is the client's responsibility to ensure he/she is available for the duration of the course. Refunds for non-attendance will not be given except in exceptional circumstances and on receipt of prior notice.

  9. It is the handler's responsibility to clear up and dispose of any dog poo.

  10. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, unless told otherwise.

  11. Children are very welcome to attend and take part in classes but must be supervised by an adult.

  12. Social distancing must be adhered to during the class.

  13. The information handed out at class is intended to be informative and interesting but is for general information only. We believe the contents to be true and accurate at the time of the class but can give no assurances or warranty in relation to specific situations and particular circumstances. As such, the contents should not be relied upon and professional advice be sought if relevant.

  14. Hair & Hound will seek to ensure that the information published on its website is up to date and accurate. However, the information on the website does not constitute legal or professional advice and Hair and Hound cannot accept any liability for actions arising from its use.

  15. Hair & Hound takes photos to use on social media and their website.  Please let us know if you’d rather images of your dog (and you) are not used.